Tomatoes stuffed with rice… Maharshi recipes are considered one of the desired and beloved dishes on the Arab table, and there are many types of Maharshi with vegetables and various fillings as well.


  • Rice: 1 cup (white)
  • Tomato: 6 pieces
  • Olive oil: 4 tablespoons
  • Black pepper: a teaspoon
  • Salt: half a teaspoon
  • Garlic: 3 cloves (crushed)
  • Parsley: 3 tablespoons (chopped)
  • Parmesan cheese: a cup (grated)

How to prepare

  1.  Cook rice until cooked, then drain and set aside to cool.
  2. Heat the oven to 350°C.
  3. Slice the tomato a little from the top and set it aside. Remove the seeds and pulp and squeeze them into a small bowl.
  4. Grease an oven tray with oil and arrange the tomatoes inside.
  5. Combine rice with tomato juice, add garlic, parsley, Parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons olive oil and salt.
  6.  Put the rice filling inside the tomatoes and the rest of them, put them in the tray, sprinkle with tomato juice, then cover the filling with the slices that we cut from the top.
  7. Put the tray in the oven and leave for 20 minutes, until cooked.
  8. Her feet are hot.

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